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It has occured to me that I continually update the website with my new works. They are placed within one of the galleries without any consideration to the visitor's ability to determine what is really new. The astute viewer will note a new date on the page without any indication what is new, although generally those items are at the top. 

I am here to rectify this oversight. Every time I add a new piece I will indicate on this page what is new, when it was added and provide you with a link to the item. You can then decide to study only the addition or the preceding or following pictures. To return to this page after viewing, please hit the back arrow on your browser.


Title of Piece

Date added to site


Fred's Water Bottle
March 1, 2015
The Midas Touch
March 1, 2015
Dream of Grand Banks
March 1, 2015
Dream of Signal Hill
January 3, 2015

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